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Feedstock Recycling and Valorization of Polymeric Materials
Papers presented at the 6th International Symposium on Feedstock Recycling of Polymeric Materials
Toledo, Spain, October 5 -7, 2011 Program, Author index

  No. Title Page  
1 Plenary Lecture    
1.1 Trends and perspectives in feedstock recycling of polymeric materials 1 PDF
  J.M.N. Van Kasteren and Q. Zhou    
1.2 Thermal and pyrolytic processes for the valorization of waste plastics 5 PDF
  P.T. Williams    
1.3 Catalysts for the conversion of waste plastics: challenges for the development of industrial processes 9 PDF
  T. Bhaskar    
1.4 Feedstock recycling of nitrogen containing polymers by fluidized bed pyrolysis 13 PDF
  W. Kaminsky    
1.5 Overview of the waste plastic recycling system in Japan and future tasks 15 PDF
  T. Kamo    
1.6 European trends to progress towards capturing the full value of used plastics 19 PDF
  J.-E. Johansson    
2. Thermal Decomposition    
2.1 Advances in the recycling of plastic wastes for metallurgical coke production 21 PDF
  M.A. Diez and R. Alvare    
2.2 Auto shredder residue separation and pyrolysis 23 PDF
  A. Santini, L. Morselli, F. Passarini, I. Vassura, D. Serrano and J. Dufour.    
2.3 Evaluation and use of the fractions from cracking of waste plastics on production unit 25 PDF
  J. Mikulec, L. Svantner and I. Vailing    
2.4 Investigation of pyrolysis of brominated flame retardant plastic 27 PDF
  Z.Z. Hlaing, M. Adachi, J. Ma, H. Nakagome, F. Takeuchi, K. Omote and K. Kimura    
2.5 Oil production by fast pyrolysis of cellulose/polyethylene mixtures in metal chloride presence 29 PDF
  A. Solak and P. Rutkowski    
2.6 Pyrolysis of contaminated, polyolefin reach plastic wastes 31 PDF
  N. Miskolczi, N. Borsodi, A. Angyal, L. Bartha and J. Kohan    
2.7 Pyrolysis of halogen containing polymer mixtures 33 PDF
  Zs. Czegeny, E. Jakab, T. Bhaskar and Y. Sakata    
2.8 Pyrolysis reaction of polyurethane foam and effect of metallic compound for thermal decomposition product 35 PDF
  T. Suzuki, H. Yanase, O. Terakado and M. Hirasawa    
2.9 Temperature dependent pyrolytic product evolution profile for binary mixtures of poly (ethylene terephthalate) and polypropylene 37 PDF
  A.K. Ghoshal, U. Hujuri and S. Gumma    
2.10 Valorization of waste tires by pyrolysis in a conical spouted bed reactor 39 PDF
  G. Lopez, M. Amutio, M. Artetxe, A. Erkiaga, J. Alvarez and M. Olazar    
2.11 Conical spouted beds technology for recycing of polyethylene wastes 41 PDF
  M.J. San Jose, S. Alvarez, A. Mouriz, L. Ahedo and J. Fernandez de Mendiola    
2.12 De-chlorination process development for the purposes of both material and thermal recycling of municipal vinyl waste 43 PDF
  S.H. Chung, J.G. Na and J.H. Lee.    
2.13 Emission control of brominated compunds by metal oxides in pyrolysis of tetrabromobisphenol A and a printed circuit board 45 PDF
  T. Suzuki, O. Terakado, R. Ohhashi and M. Hirasawa    
2.14 Influence of contained adhesives on the pyrolysis characteristics of wood biomass 47 PDF
  Y. Oshima, M.A.S. Suzuki, Z.Z. Hlaing, M. Nagase and H. Nakagome    
2.15 Liquefaction recycling technology of medical treatment system waste plastic 49 PDF
  K. Nozaki and H. Ibe.    
2.16 Modeling of tube reactor for pyrolysis of polyethylene 51 PDF
  J.M.N. Van Kasteren and Q. Zhou    
2.17 Nylon recovery from carpet wastes through the pyrolysis under the presence of ZnO and the milling by a metallic rolling machine 53 PDF
  A. Sekiguchi, O. Terakado and M. Hirasawa    
2.18 Production of fuel by low temperature pyrolysis from waste electrical and electronic equipment plastics 55 PDF
  A. Asueta, I. Robertson, M. Arieta-Araunabena, D. Iribarnegaray, I. Acillona and S. Arnaiz    
2.19 Pyrolysis behavior of ABS with brominated flame retardants 57 PDF
  F. Takeuchi, K. Omote and K. Kimura    
2.20 Pyrolysis of a waste fraction of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) containing brominated flame retardants in a fluidized bed reactor: Effect of various Ca-based additives (CaO, Ca(OH)2 and oyster shells) on the pyrolysis oil characteristics 59 PDF
  S.-H. Jung, M.-H. Cho and J.-S. Kim.    
2.21 Pyrolysis of high density polyethylene carried out in continuous mode in a conical spouted bed reactor in the 500-700 °C range 61 PDF
  G. Elordi, M. Artetxe, G. Lopez, J. Bilbao and M. Olazar    
2.22 Recycling of tannery wastes by pyrolysis in a vertical lab-scale reactor 63 PDF
  A. Marcilla, A.N. Garcia, M. Leon, P. Martinez and E. Banon.    
2.23 Recycling of plastic waste by co-pyrolysis with olive residue in autoclave reactor 65 PDF
  A. Aboulkas, K. El harfi, M. Nadifiyine and M. Benchanaa    
2.24 Temperature dependent pyrolytic product evolution profile for poly (ethylene terephthalate) 67 PDF
  S. Gumma, U. Hujuri and A.K. Ghoshal.    
2.25 Effect of catalysts on thermogravimetric analysis of olive stone 69 PDF
  A. Marcilla, A.N. Garcia, M.V. Pastor, A.J. Sanchez and D.M. Gomez    
2.26 Composition of products obtained via flash pyrolysis of different lignocellulosic biomass. Effect of pyrolysis temperature 71 PDF
  A. Marcilla, A.N. Garcia, M.V. Pastor, A.J. Sanchez and D.M. Gomez    
3. Catalytic Decomposition    
3.1 Catalytic cracking of waxes from polyolefins under FCC operating conditions 73 PDF
  J.M. Arandes, I. Torre, M.J. Azkoiti, M. Olazar, J. Erena and J. Bilbao    
3.2 Catalytic decomposition of nitrogen-containing polymers mixed with zeolite catalysts 75 PDF
  J. Bozi and M. Blazso.    
3.3 Hydroreforming of LDPE thermal cracking waxes over Ni/h-beta catalysts with different Ni particle size obtained from different Ni precursors 77 PDF
  J. Aguado, D.P. Serrano, J.M. Escola and L. Briones    
3.4 Polystirene hydrocracking in solution over bifunctional catalysts 79 PDF
  E. Fuentes, A. Salbidegoitia, M.P. Gonzalez-Marcos and J.R. Gonzalez-Velasco    
3.5 Production of hydrogen and carbon materials from polypropylene by combined catalysts 81 PDF
  Z.W. Jiang, J. Gong, H.O. Yu, J. Liu and T. Tang.    
3.6 Catalytic cracking of polyethylene over hierarchical H-ZSM-5 zeolites with different proportion of micro- and mesoporosity 83 PDF
  D.P. Serrano, J. Aguado, J.M. Escola and A. Peral    
3.7 Catalytic pyrolysis of waste inner rubber tube into fuel oil using alumina and calcium carbonate base catalysts 85 PDF
  F. Mabood, M.R. Jan, J. Shah, F. Jabeen, Z. Hussain, S. Alam and M. Sadiq    
3.8 Continuous polyolefin cracking on an HZSM-5 zeolite catalyst in a conical spouted bed reactor 87 PDF
  G. Elordi, M. Olazar, M. Artetxe, G. Lopez and J. Bilbao    
3.9 Dechlorination of PVC in catalytic pyrolysis of packaging plastic wastes 89 PDF
  A. Lopez, I. de Marco, B.M. Caballero, A. Adrados and M.F. Laresgoiti    
3.10 Hydroreforming over Ni/h-beta of the thermal cracking products of LDPE, HDPE and PP for fuel production 91 PDF
  J. Aguado, D.P. Serrano, J.M. Escola and L. Briones    
3.11 HZSM-5 catalyst deactivation in the cracking of polyolefins in a conical spouted bed reactor 93 PDF
  P. Castano, G. Elordi, J. Bilbao and M. Olazar    
3.12 Influence of temperature in the catalytic pyrolysis of HDPE in two steps 95 PDF
  M. Artetxe, G. Lopez, M. Amutio, G. Elordi, J. Bilbao and M. Olazar    
3.13 Performance of a fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) riser reactor for the co-processing of vacuum gas oil (VGO) and low density polyethylene (LDPE). Influence of operating parameters on liquid product yields 97 PDF
  A.O. Odjo, A,N. Garcia and A. Marcilla.    
4. Gasification    
4.1 Air gasification of mixed plastic wastes using a two-stage gasifier for the production of a producer gas with low tar and a high caloric value 99 PDF
  J.-S. Kim, J.-W. Kim and T.-Y. Mun    
4.2 Fuel production by rapid hydropyrolysis of polymeric materials 101 PDF
  H. Yasuda, T. Kamo, O. Yamada, M. Kaiho, K. Kawasaki and H. Nakagome    
4.3 Hydrogen production from pyrolysis-gasification of polypropylene using a screw kiln reactor system 103 PDF
  C. Wu and P.T. Williams    
4.4 Influence on rapid hydropyrolysis of polyethylene by coexistence of coal 105 PDF
  K. Kawasaki, H. Yasuda, S. Sajima, O. Yamada, M. Kaiho and H. Nakagome    
4.5 Steam gasification of epoxy board with ternary eutectic carbonates 107 PDF
  S.Z. Zhang, K. Yoshikawa, H. Nakagome and T. Kamo.    
4.6 Steam gasification of plastics in a conical spouted bed reactor 109 PDF
  A. Erkiaga, G. Lopez, M. Artetxe, M. Amutio and M. Olazar    
4.7 Gasification: an innovative approach for the thermal treatment of plastic residues 111 PDF
  V. Wilk and H. Hofbauer    
5. .Chemolysis    
5.1 An upgrade chemical recycling of polyamides 113 PDF
  A. Kamimura, K. Kaiso, S. Suzuki, Y. Oishi, Y. Ohara, T. Sugimoto, K. Kashiwagi and M. Yoshimoto    
5.2 Carbonate catalyzed nucleophilic substitution of poly(vinyl chloride) 115 PDF
  G. Grause, T. Hosoya, T. Kameda and T. Yoshioka    
5.3 Chemical depolymerization of PET complex wastes: hydrolysis vs. glycolysis 117 PDF
  M. Arieta-Araunabena, S. Arnaiz, A Asueta, I. Robertson, L. Martinez and A. Aguado    
5.4 Chemical reaction of phenol resin foam powder and prepolymer in high-temperature fluids 119 PDF
  T. Sugeno and H. Tagaya.    
5.5 Chemical recycling of electronic devices composed of thermosetting resin and inorganic compounds 121 PDF
  H. Ebina and H. Tagaya .    
5.6 Kinetic study of the glycolysis of flexible polyurethane wastes using stannous octoate as catalyst 123 PDF
  D. Simon, M.T. Garcia, A. de Lucas, R. Mazarro and J.F. Rodriguez    
5.7 Effects of additives on the chemical recycling of amina and anhydride cured epoxy resin in subcritical water 125 PDF
  J . Liu, Y. Liu, Z.W. Jiang and T. Tang    
5.8 Preliminary study of the recycling of polyurethanes by glycolysis to obtain new recycled foams 127 PDF
  I . Acillona, S. Arnaiz, J.I. Gutierrez-Ortiz, R. Lopez-Fonseca, A. Asueta and I. Duque-Ingunza.    
5.9 Simultaneous silver and benzene recovery from X-ray film 129 PDF
  S. Kumagai, G. Grause, T. Kameda and T. Yoshioka.    
5.10 Synthesis of unsaturated polyester resin from glycolysed postconsumer PET wastes 131 PDF
  I . Duque-Ingunza, R. Lopez-Fonseca, L. Flores-Giraldo, I. Acillona, B. de Rivas-Martin, J.M. Laza, J.L. Vilas, S. Arnaiz and J.I. Gutierrez-Ortiz    
6. Processes with Solvents    
6.1 Dehydrochlorination of polyvinyl chloride in green solvent 133 PDF
  Q. Zhou, X.L. He and Y.Z. Wang    
6.2 Production of clean and high-calory powder fuel from mixture of waste plastics and waste biomass using subcritical water 135 PDF
  T. Sako, I. Okajima, Y. Fujimori, T. Shimizu and I. Kimura    
6.3 Recovery of useful resources from WEEE by using recyclable solvent 137 PDF
  T. Kamo, H. Ito, Z. Zhuoyi, M. Adachi, T. Imai, H. Matsui and H. Nakagome    
6.4 A modified Wacker system for the oxidation of heavy 1-olefins 139 PDF
  J.M. Escola, J.A. Botas, C. Vargas and M. Bravo    
6.5 Chemical recycling of carbon fiber reinforced plastic with supercritical alcohol 141 PDF
  I . Okajima, K. Watanabe, Y. Shimamura, T. Awaya and T. Sako    
6.6 Debromination of high impact polystyrene containing decabromodiphenyl ethane 143 PDF
  H. Tanaka, G. Grause, T. Kameda and T. Yoshioka    
6.7 New trends in polyurethane wastes recycling using green solvents under microwave irradiation 145 PDF
  M.M.A. Nigjeh . .    
6.8 Recovery of tantalum from capacitor with solvothermal treatment 147 PDF
  M. Sasaki, S. Ishikawa, K. Nasu, A.T. Quitain and M. Goto. .    
6.9 Recycling of polystyrene wastes by supercritical CO2 technology 149 PDF
  C. Gutierrez, M.T. Garcia, I. Gracia, A de Lucas and J.F. Rodriguez    
6.10 Solubilization of the epoxy resin substrate using glycol 151 PDF
  M. Adachi, K. Kobayashi, Z.Z, Hlaing, K. Omote and H. Nakagome    
7. Mechanical Recycling    
7.1 Development of mechanical recycling technology for waste polyolefin composites based on high-speed centrifugal beating technology 153 PDF
  T. Yamawaki and Y. Ozaki    
7.2 High performance recycling system for shredded plastics by using Raman indentification 155 PDF
  H. Kawazumi, A. Tsuchida, K. Arikata, Y. Tsuchida, H. Hasuo and T. Oosaki    
7.3 Addition of crushed particles from recycled tire (GTR) to reclaimed rubber (NRR) 157 PDF
  J .E. Crespo, A. Nadal, M.A. Selles, R. Navarro and S. Sanchez-Caballero    
7.4 Analytical fractionation techniques application in the polyethylene photodegradation process 159 PDF
  M.T. Exposito, C. Dominguez, J. Codina and R.A. Garcia .    
7.5 Comparative study of mechanical, rheological and morphological properties of different cellulose-reinforced high density polyethylene composites upon mechanical recycling 161 PDF
  C. Fonseca, A. Ochoa, T. Aguinaco, C. Gonzalez and J. Arranz-Andres    
7.6 Compatibilization of postconsumer PET/HDPE blends 163 PDF
  R. Navarro, F. Parres, J.E. Crespo, S. Sanchez-Caballero and M.A. Selles    
7.7 Recycling of waste FRP as filler for new FRP products 165 PDF
  S. Nakai, Y. Tokumou, S. Tsukawaki, T. Okuda, W. Nishijima and M. Okada    
7.8 Rheological modelization of ABS+PC reclycled blends for injection molding 167 PDF
  M.A. Selles, S. Sanchez-Caballero, F. Parres, J.E. Crespo and R. Navarro    
7.9 Study of the mechanical properties of ABS-HIPS blends with SEBS 169 PDF
  F. Parres, A. Nadal, R. Navarro, S. Sanchez-Caballero and M.A. Selles    
8. .Conceptual Analysis    
8.1 Environmental evaluation of glycolysis and hydrolysis of PET waste using life cycle assessment 171 PDF
  M. Calero, J.L. Marti, B. Ferreira, M. Arieta, L. Martinez and A. Aguado.    
8.2 Feedstock recycling of waste polymers by thermal cracking in molten metal ? Thermodynamic analysis of the process 173 PDF
  M. Stelmachowski .    
8.3 Life style assessment (LSA) of plastic engineering prior to LCA 175 PDF
  A. Oku.    
8.4 Preliminary assessment of plastic waste valorization via sequential pyrolysis and catalytic reforming 177 PDF
  J. Dufour, D.P. Serrano and D. Iribarren    
8.5 Study of OLED end of life treatments 179 PDF
  L. Barruetabena, M. Arieta-Araunabena and C. Delgado    
8.6 VINYL PLUS, the new European PVC industry’s voluntary programme toward sustainability 181 PDF
  A. Sevenster    
8.7 Alternative fuels, the infinite energy 183 PDF
  M. Garcia-Villan    
8.8 Cost reduction of biodegradable composites using artificial intelligence 185 PDF
  S. Sanchez-Caballero, M.A. Selles, J.E. Crespo, F. Parres and R. Navarro    
8.9 Evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of different wet dehydrochlorination processes 187 PDF
  J.D. Fonseca, G. Grause, T. Kameda and T. Yoshioka.    
8.10 Characterization of iron elution in the method of restoration of seaweed beds with steelmaking slag and humus materials 189 PDF
  M. Yamamoto and D. Liu.    

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